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ATOD Education (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs)
Education activities include programs intended to develop life skills such as refusal skills, decision making and stress management. 


Botvin Life Skills Training reduces tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use by up to 75%. Life Skills Training is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health, Safety and Physical Education.

We are currently proving services in 4 School Districts and several schools;

Susuquehanna HS

Steelton HS

Central Dauphin East HS 
Susquehanna MS

Central Dauphin East MS

Swatara MS

Nativity MS

Thomas Holtzman Elementary


6th - 8th Graders


Level 1: 15 Sessions

Level 2: 10 Sessions

Level 3: 8 Sessions


Approximately 45 minute Sessions



1. Self-Image and Self-Improvement


2. Making Decisions

3. Smoking: Myths and Realities

4. Smoking and Biofeedback

5. Alcohol: Myths and Realities

6. Marijuana: Myths and Realities

7. Advertising

8. Violence and the Media 

9. Coping with Anxiety

10. Coping with Anger

11. Communication Skills

12. Social Skills (A)

13. Social Skills (B)

14. Assertiveness

15. Resolving Conflicts


9th & 10th Graders 


10 Sessions


Approximately 45 minute Sessions


Unit 1: The Value of Good Health

Unit 2: Decision-Making for Health

Unit 3: Risk-Taking and Substance Abuse

Unit 4: The Media and Health

(2 Sessions)

Unit 5: Managing Stress, Anger, and Other Emotions 

Unit 6: Family Communications

(2 Sessions)

Unit 7: Healthy Relationships


11th & 12th Graders


6 Sessions


Approximately 45 minute Sessions


Unit 1: Goal-Setting for Success

The Big Picture

- The Four Criteria for Goal-Setting

- Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

Unit 2: Effective Communication

- Is It Formal or Informal?

- Effective Communication Skills

- Speaking for Understanding 

Unit 3: Managing Stress.

- Resilience Inventory

- Stress Management Techniques

- 10 Bounce-Back Techniques for Stress

Unit 4: Decision-Making and Risk

- What's at Stake

- A Decision-Making Method

- Reality Check

Unit 5: Managing Time and Money

- Setting Priorities

- Money Smarts

- Practical Applications

- Financial Scenarios

Unit 6: Building Relationships

- The World of Relationships

- Collaborating, Negotiating, Compromising 

- Building Relationships During Transitions

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