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In Episode 20, Jon and Gee talk about the changes that need to take place in the laws, constitution, and police to bring equality to America. There needs to be respect for all lives and the color of ones skin should not decide the kind of experience a person has in America.


We personally believe that "All Lives Matter" but in America, innocent black lives are being taken by systematic racism and police officers who are sworn in to protect and serve every American. Be apart of the change when you see racism and injustice going on. Speak up against all inequality.

In Episode 19, Jon and Gee talk about Honesty. Can you be honest with yourself at all times? When is it okay to lie? What is it about honesty that makes it hard for people to receive.

In Episode 18, Jon and Gee talk about recovering in life. It's not easy to recover from loss, failure, or embarrassment. Just because recovering isn't easy doesn't mean you can't do it. Believe in yourself and know that you can recover.

In Episode 17, Jon and Gee talk about how fear can control what we do. Fear is usually looked at as a negative thing but fear can be a sign that you should move forward into something new. What fears do you have and are you able to function with them?

In Episode 16, Jon and Gee talk about creating/finding your Lane in life. It is so easy to get busy doing everything else besides what you were born to do.

Explore different things outside of your comfort zone if you don't know what your lane is. When you find out what your lane is, that doesn't mean things will be convenient.

In Episode 15, Jon and Gee talk about Forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Life is full of mistakes, decisions, and circumstances. Can you forgive and not allow things in the past to keep a hold on you emotionally?

In Episode 14, Jon and Gee talk about leveling up in life. What does it take to go to another level when all the excitement is gone? What does moving up a level look like? Would you be able to level up after you've already achieved your financial goals?

In Episode 13, Jon and Gee talk about Failure. What causes failure and how it's perceived. Many people are afraid to experience failure and aren't sure what to do if failure occurs.

In Episode 12, Jon and Gee talk about the other side of success. The stuff that comes with all of your achievements. Success is great but it has side effects.

In Episode 11, Jon and Gee share their bad Habits and Routines. The results we get in life is usually connected to something we've be doing on a consistent basis.

In Episode 10, Jon and Gee talk about Sacrifices in life. Including family needs, success, and relationships.

In Episode 9, Jon and Gee continue their conversation about Morals. Jon reveals his past double standards and Gee talks about his old quitting habits.

In Episode 8 Pt. 1, Jon and Gee talk about how we make difficult decisions in life based off what we believe to be "RIGHT".

In Episode 7, Jon and Gee talk about Health. Eating wisely, understanding what it takes to improve eating habits, and living a long and successful life.

In Episode 6, Jon and Gee talk about being successful and being creative in adversity.

In Episode 5, Jon and Gee talk about the Process of success including the adversity that comes with following your dreams.

In Episode 4, Jon and Gee talk about the value of time and how to use time best for your life goals.

In Episode 3, Jon and Gee talk about how Dreams and Goals control how you live.

In Episode 2, Jon and Gee talk about handling Correction, Criticism, and how Ego can play a part in the both.

In Episode 1,  Jon and Gee talk about what they would do if they got a lump sum of money.

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